How We Build Websites

Who It’s For Every company is unique and for every company, there’s a unique website solution. The range varies. Organizations could build a site right out of the box using Squarespace or Wix or can hire a web design firm to create a custom website. We usually create websites for smaller organizations. Beks Marketing serves […]

The Extended Beks Team

You are hiring me (Beks) as a contractor, along with sub-contractors, to manage and to execute your project as well as to strategically guide your marketing program. I work with designers, writers, programmers, photographers, videographers, and other creatives to get the work done. You will find that this is a better way to assign creative […]


Project work and ongoing marketing management is based on an hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours we estimate it will take us to complete required projects. Those are what we call professional fees. Breakdown Every invoice has three costs associated with it. The cost to manage the marketing work, meet with you, update […]

Are We a Fit?

This is the most important question for us to answer as we work together. Our goal before profit is to do good work, to do our best work. Our fellow freelancers feel the same way, especially because we are all in the second half of our career. We are all experienced professionals. Here are a few qualities […]

How Are We Different from the Agency?

We’re going to tackle a question we often get asked when a client is shopping for a marketing solution. First of all, be sure to shop. On every first call, we ask, “who else are you talking to?” That’s because we want you to be really clear about your options and what model fits your […]

Positioning That Inspires Our Own

We find ourselves inspired by minimalism. To do elegantly simple work and deliver what is essential. These three brands we’ve decided to emulate and look at whenever we need to re-calibrate and refocus.

Explore Project-Based Work

Working on a project-by-project basis with Beks Marketing is a fit for clients that want to own the strategy and need a focused, finite engagement. No overarching strategy is needed. Just good organized execution. Projects have a start and end date. We work off an estimate that you approve and then we get started after […]

The Whisper of Opportunity

The Whisper Have I ever told you about the “ladder” exercise? If you’ve been through my “Do it Yourself Marketing” Program, then you probably remember “the ladder.” We use the “ladder” to keep asking the question “why” until we get to the ultimate goal of your key message(s) which are to meet a desire or […]

Let’s Do Our Best Work

I consider myself someone who is in the latter half of my career as a marketing professional. If you are my age, do you regularly check in and ask yourself, Is this the best work that I can do? For me, the answer is no —I could and want to do better. I want to do the […]


Bringing together creatives and subject matter experts, into a non-traditional agency system to produce high-quality marketing results for clients.