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The Co-Lab

Hey Creative

You found us before we found you. We want you to know that we appreciate you choosing a vocation that you love and that you are doing it on your own terms. We think that you should get to do the work that you want to do with other freelancers that get you. And we think we do. We’re in it for the craft, but we also need to make a decent living too. And we want our freedom, but we also need a system and a bit of structure too. You don’t need to make compromises.

We know your flavour

Yes, dear friend, we’ve been there before. It took us over 15 years to figure out how to consistently find clients, do the work at a high-level of quality, and figure out how to do proper accounting. Then repeat. It’s seems like we’ve also figured out freelance life – some of us are parents, some are yoga teachers, and some of us travel the globe. Some do all three! All while working with us.
The Shop
Use the entire shop
We’ve created a system and network of software, people, and tools that you can plug into along with fellow freelancers to do their best work. Beks finds marketing, branding, and website work and gives you ingredients and support you need to do the work. We know if we can just let you focus on your craft, then the work is better, and we collectively build a yummier portfolio. That portfolio attracts a higher level of client. Use our shop as your platform.
The More Scoops
the better we are together
All you need to do now is decide – do you prefer to work on your freelance business on your own OR do you want to work with a team of cool peeps just like you. Figure out if we’ve got the flavour you're craving by checking out our get started with Beks Co-Lab Producer guide here. If it’s all good, let’s make people happy together.
Great Opportunities
are the cherry on top
We’d like the opportunity to give you, well, opportunity. You decide the schedule, how much work you want to do. We want to help you strike the balance between producing good work and enjoying the freelance lifestyle. With us you never need to be anxious or feeling like you’re on your own ( goodbye, loneliness, my old friend…)”

Hey Expert

more flavours, more lines ups

We’ve got a history of working with management consultants, safety consultants, real estate experts, spa and wellness experts – business experts of all sorts. We’ve realised that we can create a visual dimension to their business in a way that offers a particular punch of flavour to help them stand out. We’ve improved their marketing and helped them deliver marketing services to their clients. Jerry! We’re your Ben!!!

How it works

making tasty treats together.

First Meeting
We learn more about each other's business and look for opportunities to develop marketing and branding services for your existing client base.
We look at your materials and see if we can make some upgrades that are sure to impress.
First Project
Then we do some good work together. Our team is in the back, happily churning all the things that make it all look and taste irresistible.
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Partner with us

we'd like to be your go-to

Listen, we get it. This is a big convo. It’s THE talk. We’re asking to be your go-to shop. That’s a huge deal asking for a strategic relationship. But everything good starts with a “hello, my name is…” Let’s start there.
Warm and sunny days ahead!

The alternative for some consultants out there is pretty grim – right now they’re cobbling together materials or paying a ton of hard-earned cash for someone to do it all for them.

Not you, though. For you, warm, sunny days are ahead. Your marketing is hitting the spot like a cool and creamy butter pecan on a 25-degree day. Not only that, you’re providing marketing and branding services to your clients, boosting your revenues, and building some stickiness with your clients. P.S., now you have a bright, colourful portfolio to show off to that next big prospect.



Bringing together creatives and subject matter experts, into a non-traditional agency system to produce high-quality marketing results for clients.