How Can You Use This “Anywhere” Touchscreen?

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  • Retailers can take advantage of low-cost high impact technology to enhance in-store experience
  • Retailers can rely on tools to reduce line ups and increase engagement
  • The Sony Xperia projects a touchscreen on any flat surface for under $2000

Sony just announced an impressive device that makes any surface a touchscreen. The Sony Xperia Touch projector is an affordable $1600 USD and I think this handy little device will help retailers engage their customers in better and more efficient ways.

Immediately, my thoughts go to integrating a digital store to upsell accessories or integrate social media connections with customers while in-store.

I was just at Urban Outfitters the other day and when I got to the checkout after a long lineup, I was asked to sign up for their newsletter using my phone to get an extra 10% off. This was slightly awkward, as I had to dig out my phone while I was carrying the rest of my bags and figuring out which credit card to use. The promotion was no doubt to blame for the long lineup too.

Imagine having one of these Sony projectors and using a surface by the lineup that allows customers to sign up before they get to the checkout. A great way to increase signups and reduce lines ups; that’s money!

Check out the projector here.

Bonus: One of my favourite places to buy clothes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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