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So this is awkward...

just three simple things.

Here’s the page where we tell you an inspirational story aiming to compel you to work with us. We’d much rather talk about our clients and the good work they do than talk about us. There are three simple things you need to know about us:

Always do good work.

Always work with good people.

Always have a good time.

So maybe that’s enough for you, but if you need more woo woo, then please, fellow ice cream lover, read on!

More about doing good work


Some places of work use destructive emotions to get things done. Emotions like guilt, fear, etc., bring you only so far. We always try to work from a higher level of emotion – joy, happiness, or love. We get to a flow state if we’re happy about what we’re doing. Yeah, let’s stay in that zone.

No Self

We try to leave our ego out of work as much as possible. That’s a guiding principle for us as a team and our clients. It’s not about me, it’s about us. Not what I want, but what we want. We focus on building a connected culture. We’re not afraid to learn how we can be better, do better.

Slow the eff down

Rush work is detrimental to doing good work. There’s not enough time to hear and see what is really needed or what is really going on. It creates a sense of panic, which isn’t a great motivation.

Keep it simple; just tell the story

We know that an authentic story is the most effective approach to marketing and branding. Humans gravitate toward storytelling, and when we accept this truth, that’s when we start to see results.

More about good people


This is of utmost importance. Our clients should be picky about who they work with and ensure they have the right partner to steward their brand. Not picking us can be the best move for everyone. We’re ok with that.


Clients should have the freedom to not work with us at ANY TIME. The same goes for our team. No longer a fit? That’s ok.

Trust good timing

We’re not sure why this happens, but we always see serendipity in our relationships and work. The right situation, resources, and people are all at the right time.

More about having fun

Work is more fun than [ ]

We’re not one for lunches or spending a day on the golf course. Honestly, it’s because it takes us away from what we love. For us, work and play are blended; it’s hard to distinguish between the two.

Build relationships by doing fun work

We build our relationships with each other and our clients through the craft and the work. The shared outcome or goal is a powerful connector of relationships.

Mental, physical, and spiritual health first

We do whatever we need to do to get in the right headspace. When we take care of ourselves first, only then can we take care of business.

Don't take yourself too seriously

You know what? We’re going to be ok. Just relax a little and smile. We’re in the business of attracting interest and telling stories. That’s a pretty good gig. Enjoy it.

Our Vision

what we're working towards.

We’re an alternative to traditional marketing, branding, and design agencies. What makes us stand out is how we connect talented independent creatives and consultants with a system and process (the machine) to do good work. We keep things simple and distill it down to the essence of what matters most, which is compelling stories of our clients that they can take to their customers. The goal is not volume or over-consumption but the right product or service, at the right amount, to the people who need it.

We’re addicted to ice cream.

We're addicts.
We have a problem.

“Ice cream” is what we call our work, the output of marketing plans, campaigns, materials, websites, logos, etc.

The “ice cream machine” is the system of process, software, and collaboration tools we use to produce the work (ice cream). 

The team works with our clients to serve the work to their clients. 

Our client’s client eats the actual ice cream in the end. And when they do, there’s a big ear-to-ear smile on their face. And that’s what it’s all about.

Our Team

The Makers

Blaire McCalla


This is Blaire

Blaire is a seasoned Marketing Strategist with expertise in B2B brand development, startup incubation, and complex positioning. As a maestro in pre and post-M&A marketing, she ensures seamless brand transitions in dynamic business environments. Collaboration is a cornerstone of her approach, integrating diverse perspectives, fostering innovation, and inspiring marketing solutions. Beyond the boardroom, Blaire's passion for art, design, and culture fuels a unique perspective, infusing projects with an extra layer of creativity.
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Jason Bekdashe


This is Jason

Jason Bekdashe's experience spans both the market research and the creative agency world. This blend of experience has helped him develop marketing plans and strategy based on data and the customer perspective.

Sarah Schulz


This is Sarah

Sarah is in love with the process of getting to know a client and what makes them unique. First, it's the research and exploration to figure out how to make their story special; then, it's all about creating a unique visual voice for them. That endeavour continues to be a driving force behind her work.
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Lyndsey Belle


This is Lyndsey

Lyndsey brings a unique and creative perspective to her work, skillfully drawing from her experience in project management, strategy, and communications. Her experience includes creative advertising for corporate and government initiatives, the food and beverage industry, local startups and small businesses. Rooted in a passion for unveiling a business’s profound purpose, she forges authentic connections with a keen eye on the deeper narrative.
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Jenny Stark


This is Jenny

Jenny has been a freelance designer since 2016. The freelance lifestyle has allowed her to travel to 37 different countries but be inspired and challenged to communicate and impact each audience across the world with her digital, print, and motion design. This wide range of unique experiences makes Jenny an asset to her clients.
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Keri Baker


This is Keri

Keri is an online marketing expert with over ten years of experience, driven by a passion for creating content strategies that propel businesses to the forefront of their industry. With particular expertise in SEO optimization, email marketing, and social media, Keri's campaigns have consistently delivered measurable growth and enhanced online presence for all her clients.
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Tamal Sen


This is Tamal

Tamal Sen is a seasoned senior front-end web and app developer with expertise in crafting bespoke UI/UX solutions using tools such as Node, React, NextJS, WordPress, and Flutter. His technical proficiency makes him a valuable asset for any client or enterprise-level team, and his holistic approach underscores his commitment to delivering technical excellence and fostering collaborative and growth-oriented environments.
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Bringing together creatives and subject matter experts, into a non-traditional agency system to produce high-quality marketing results for clients.