We’re unsure if this section of our website is more for you or us. For us, writing here allows us to capture the best practices of what we’re doing. It keeps us inspired to keep doing what we’re doing and shows us how far we’ve come. For you, we hope to give you something to think about or an idea to take back to your business or marketing program. Thanks for reading!
How We Meet - Beks Marketing


Industrial Mini-Case Studies Gateway Mechanical Gateway Mechanical, a growing HVAC and mechanical company hired our team to support internal marketing initiatives such as employer brand

How We Build Websites

Who It’s For Every company is unique and for every company, there’s a unique website solution. The range varies. Organizations could build a site right

How We Meet - Beks Marketing

How Do We Meet?

Depending on the complexity of work, budget, and timeline, we will suggest a minimum of two meetings per month. All our meetings are conducted on

About Payment Terms

For marketing management engagements, you pay for work as it gets completed. Terms are always 30 days because we pay designers and developers on your

Working Files - Beks Marketing

About Working Files

This is an important expectation to set at the planning stages of any design project. In most cases, the production files belong to the production

The Extended Team - Beks Marketing

The Extended Beks Team

You are hiring me (Beks) as a contractor, along with sub-contractors, to manage and to execute your project as well as to strategically guide your


Project work and ongoing marketing management is based on an hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours we estimate it will take us to

Are We a Fit?

This is the most important question for us to answer as we work together. Our goal before profit is to do good work, to do

Positioning That Inspires Our Own

We find ourselves inspired by minimalism. To do elegantly simple work and deliver what is essential. These three brands we’ve decided to emulate and look at whenever we need to re-calibrate and refocus.

Azuridge Estate Hotel Case Study

CASE STUDY Flourish Hospitality Brand Development Azuridge Estate Hotel is a property 20 minutes from Calgary’s southside, nestled in the peaceful hills of Priddis. There

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Freelance marketing management and planning.