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Marketing Plans

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To be effective at your marketing, you need to have a plan. We have two options to help you complete your marketing plan – We do it, or you do it with our guidance.

Marketing Management

oversee the entire shop

Marketing management is a monthly program and includes the ongoing management and execution of day-to-day marketing activities, collaboration with internal and external partners, and the ongoing measurement of all marketing activities.

  • You completely hand over your program to us verses managing it yourself giving you more time.
  • We invest time in your business learning as much as we can to support you.
  • You benefit from increased opportunities to collaborate with other clients in our network.
  • We prioritize your work over other casual projects and provide direct support for your unexpected projects.
  • We schedule regular meeting times to go over strategy, to report on progress, and to provide any other support you may need.

Marketing Projects

just a little taste of what we can do

Delegate one project or campaign from your marketing plan and assign it to us. Single projects or campaigns have a start and end date.

There are marketing projects that we are very good at. We develop or refine brands, build simple, clean WordPress-based websites, have a passion for good editorial, and can help you with your next big pitch.

  • Project-based work gives you the freedom to make our own decisions regarding your project. Project-based work lets you do the following:
  • It allows you to complete work in stages and when you have the budget.
  • It gives you the flexibility to commit to any program that suits you best.
  • It lets you move ahead without a fully-developed marketing plan.
  • It helps you be more in control of your marketing plan.
  • It permits you to hire whoever you want to do an entire project or just pieces of that project.


Commemorative Campaigns

celebrate with something sweet

Your company celebrates a 10th, 25th, or 50th anniversary only once. Building an entire campaign around your company turning a major milestone allows us to tell a great story to your employees and your customers. It rejuvenates sales, gives your team something new to talk about, piques prospects’ curiosity, and reaffirms commitment with current clients.

Coaching and Consulting

for your own shop

Take the sweet Beks formula and start your own marketing department within your company. We help you develop your program and establish the systems – the tools, software, and process system. We even help you hire marketing, design, writing, and development talent.

Industries We 've Worked With

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We’re perfect for organizations that can’t seem to get what they need internally or that find using other marketing solutions either too frustrating or expensive. What if you could work with a marketing partner without the overhead of a fancy agency or internal salaries?
Interior Design
Oil & Gas
Public Sector
Financial Services