Ignoring Your Competitors

What role do our competitors play when we are crafting a marketing plan or business strategy? Do they create unnecessary noise or provide us with market intelligence? Does it matter what their tactics or strategies are if our compass is tightly dialed to the merits of our brand merits? Do we deliver on our brand promises? These are basic and essential questions necessary to find the sweet spot in the market for our clients that is sustainable.

As someone who works with their clients on developing their brand, these are key concepts we ponder. My traditional view was that my clients always needed to have a pulse on the competitive universe. Looking ahead, I question whether or not, as a steward of my clients marketing plans, do I place too much credence on competitors positioning.

Perhaps we are doing ourselves a disservice.

What if we started from a blank slate and pretended that we were the only company doing what we do? Imagine then what is possible. We would innovate, create, and sustain our position. How would that change our approach to marketing and strategic development?

We engage our team, our current and prospective clients and our imaginative prowess into every medium and strategy. We see the end result with the freshness of new thinking. Intuition drives the thinking. This is essentially the DNA of the company. Instead of promoting, we inspire.

Case in point, I heard Terry Crews on the Tim Ferris show and it got me thinking, indeed we pay too much attention to our competitors and perhaps, it is stunting our creative viewfinder.

Let’s experiment with what it would be like not to care so much about what others are doing in our industry and concentrate on delivering what we’re good at. Maybe it’s just that simple.

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

Jason Bekdashe

Jason Bekdashe

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