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The game has changed. To be able to stand out, you need not just marketers, but writers, designers, photographers, and programmers. And we know finding the right talent, chemistry and approach for everything can sometimes feel like you need the stars to align. That’s where we come in.

Beks Marketing is an all-in-one marketing shop with all the creative talent you’ll ever need.


Here's our secret recipe.

(which is not so secret anymore)

We leverage independent creative talent across the globe to provide businesses with a range of skills and experience.
Vertical Expertise
We seek partnerships with subject-matter experts to provide strategic marketing direction within the context of your industry.
Excellent Systems
We aim to make it easy for you to merge our team with yours by working and developing solutions as an extension of your company.
Maximize Budget
We allocate your marketing budget to go towards production (the work) rather than overhead. We focus on what's important.

Been there, done that.

we get it.

We’ve worked as internal marketing departments, worked in agencies, and have hired agencies. We know what it feels like to need the stars to align to have the right talent, chemistry, and approach. And you don’t have endless cash to throw at marketing.

How we do the work

focus on what's essential.

Choosing the right partner for your marketing is challenging. As a team of freelancers and business owners, we think how we’re structured (or unstructured!?) allows us to focus on what’s essential.

Our services

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Marketing Plans
Marketing plans define the destination and the simplest route to get there. Every organization, brand, and campaign needs a plan. We always need to work from a plan. You can hire us to do it, or we can coach you on how to do it yourself.
Marketing Management
We run the shop for you. Ongoing management and execution of marketing activities based on the marketing plan. We collaborate closely with you, and we’re accountable and responsible for completing projects as planned.
Marketing Projects
These options are for those not quite ready for a full on marketing management program. There are marketing projects that we are very good at. We develop or refine brands, build simple, clean WordPress-based websites, have a passion for good editorial, and can help you with your next big pitch.
Coaching and Consulting
Maybe you like our approach, but you know you need an internal marketing department instead of hiring us or someone else to do it all. We've designed a program and workflow to help companies build their own internal marketing department.
Commemorative Campaigns
Commemorative campaigns are the development and execution of a campaign around a milestone (usually an anniversary). These campaigns come with nearly everything. These campaigns are great for building culture and sales.

The Latest Scoop

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Business Development: Insights for Freelance Creatives

We’re happy to share our business development insights as a freelance marketing and creative team. Learn from our experience in managing both retainer-based and project-based clients, as well as gracefully transitioning clients out of our services.


The Client Life Cycle

Overview Our First Call We can do almost everything marketing related. The stuff we don’t know well, we know the right people to hire to


Stopping for Ice Cream

BEKS is representative of an idea or a way of working. We’re looking ahead and implementing the this strategy in the coming years.

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We're the sweet spot

Thanks to the digitization of friggin, pretty much everything, you need several talented people to check off that “marketing” box. Evaluate if you can really afford all the talent you need in house OR hire an expensive agency with excessive firepower or ego, which in the end, you probably don’t need.

And talk to us. We might just be the shop that hits that sweet spot.

This endeavour is about you reaching your marketing and branding potential. Let’s go over your options; even if we’re not the right fit, we’ll serve it straight and do what we can to help you move forward.


Bringing together creatives, subject matter experts, into a non-traditional agency system to produce high-quality marketing results for clients.