How I Work on Fridays (Don’t Worry, It’s Good for You Too)

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  • To be creative, you need deep focus
  • Deep focus is impossible with the myriad of notifications, emails, text messages, etc…
  • My solution: Lock myself in a room with no internet to do better work for my clients!

As you can imagine, marketing is a creative profession. To be creative, you need to have an edge; one that continually needs to be sharpened.

The best way to stay sharp is to make time for focused creative work. This means shutting off notifications, email, and (gasp!) social media. It really allows me to stay focused on you and your marketing solutions.

The problem with constant minor interruptions is that it keeps your focus at a shallow, superficial level; never quite reaching deep enough to get to all the layers of a particular problem or issue. So, what happens is that the expectation of always being connected and easy to get a hold of comes at the expense of the deep work I need to do to come up with really great creative solutions for your business.

You and I rely on a good relationship where we are connected. We can’t ignore each other if we are to collaborate. So how do we continue to do good, collaborative work together, but allow for that all-important time to disconnect from outside distractions and find the deep creative connection to the work that needs to be done?

Fridays have become deep focus days for me. I lock myself away in a room, turn off my phone, turn off my notifications and instant messaging, and I work on all the great ideas we come up with together. This is how I make sure what I do for you is excellent and the best that it can be. I check my voicemail midday and at the end of the day. That’s it. No email. No messaging.

I recommend the book Deep Work by Cal Newport which really helped me think about the ways that I work and do focused work. Check it out and I am happy to nerd out with you on how we can get deeper on our work together.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Jason Bekdashe

Jason Bekdashe

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