Positioning That Inspires Our Own

December 24, 2020

When we think of the Beks Marketing brand, we get inspired by the brands below. We thought it might be useful to share what we like about how these brands position themselves in their customers’ minds and hearts. There is something about each that we aspire to be like or see a little of ourselves in today.

We find ourselves inspired by minimalism. To do elegantly simple work and deliver what is essential. These three brands we’ve decided to emulate and look at whenever we need to re-calibrate.


“Your partner in better living. We do our part; you do yours. Together we save money.”

Image Credit: Alexander Isreb

How it connects for us:

  • Our clients are our partners. We’re successful (and save money!) if we both do what we say we’ll do.
  • IKEA is the place you go when you first move out. IKEA is the place you’d go if you’re starting from scratch. IKEA is where you would go if you need a refresh. Our clients come to us for the same reasons.
  • Simple, modern design. Nothing extra, just the right amount of flair. How we aim to deliver design-oriented projects and our approach to web


“Uniqlo is a brand that sells apparel that is essential, simple and helps wearers find their individualistic styles.” 

Image Credit: Hao Wen

How it connects for us:

  • We can’t get enough of that word essential. We focus on what is core to our clients’ brands and strategy.
  • We want to make things simple for our clients both in engagement but also in solution.
  • The building blocks for a good brand, marketing strategy, and the content piece is the same. How those blocks are applied is unique to each client.


“Dedicated to creating a simple, elegant, and comfortable lifestyle at reasonable prices to customers.”

Image Credit: Jack Zhang

How it connects for us:

  • Uncomplicated, minimalistic design that feels almost perfect
  • Not the cheapest, but reasonably priced. The product design and function provide the value
  • A refreshing un-brand in a world where we over-brand everything
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