Stopping for Ice Cream

August 23, 2022

No longer BEKS as we know it.

After freelancing for ten years, I can say that BEKS is no longer about me, a representation of me, but representative of an idea or a way of working. We’re looking ahead and implementing the following strategy in the coming years.

What’s important to us:

Quantity Matters

The body of work you produce, both quantity and quality, is vital. You need to execute a lot, and when you do, it has the potential to touch a lot of people. When you do excellent work at a significant volume, you have a pretty good-sized portfolio that attracts and appeals to a broader set of clients.

Collaboration Matters

Eventually, as an individual freelancer, you just run into a wall; there are only so many hours in the day and so much energy you can devote to creative execution.

You don’t want to lose momentum!

We must rely on others, and we need to collaborate with others to be able to expand our scope, influence, and sphere. An expanding sphere doesn’t necessarily mean having to make more money or build a big business so we can sell it. It’s about using your creative talent to touch as many people as possible. Maximum impact. Yes!

Systems Matter

Now there are few people in the shop. You want to make sure that stuff comes in and out efficiently. That people aren’t running into each other. So we create a system of processes, stack software, develop tools, and establish resources and people so that up-and-coming creatives can collaborate to do outstanding marketing and branding work.


Do as much as you
can at a high-level
of quality. Produce
a major body of work.


You don't want to
lose momentum, and
you can't do it alone.


Create the best systems.
Make it easy for people
do great things.

A Marketing and Branding Bolt-On For The Experts

Our vision is also to establish a more profound expertise within particular industries. So rather than training ourselves to be concentrated on specific industry verticals, we partner with consultants who are known as the best within those industry verticals, even if they don’t necessarily have a marketing background. They provide the expertise and deep industry knowledge, and we bolster their experience with marketing and branding execution. We’re successfully doing this in spa and wellness, with an eye on real estate, hospitality, and municipal marketing.

Wanna Make the Good Stuff?

We attract more affluent or well-known brands by having deep-seated industry expertise and a strong portfolio. That attracts talented collaborators, too, which is what we want. We want to offer our clients the best our industry has and can’t do it alone.

Do good work.
Work with good people.
Have fun doing it.

We’re setting up to do some really fun projects – for clients and the co-lab. If you’re interested in doing something with us, shoot us your portfolio and let us know what you have in mind.

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Thanks to the digitization of friggin, pretty much everything, you need several talented people to check off that “marketing” box. Evaluate if you can really afford all the talent you need in house OR hire an expensive agency with excessive firepower or ego, which in the end, you probably don’t need.

And talk to us. We might just be the shop that hits that sweet spot.

This endeavour is about you reaching your marketing and branding potential. Let’s go over your options; even if we’re not the right fit, we’ll serve it straight and do what we can to help you move forward.


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