Over the years, we’ve acquired a passion and proficiency in working with our clients on various marketing activities. This page is for clients that are looking for help with a specific one-time project.


We build simple, professional websites using WordPress and Elementor Page Builders. Getting us to develop your site is an excellent option for organizations that need a simple website to update on their own. We provide design, writing, technical setup, and training.

Content Development & Promotion

One of the most important factors to good search engine optimization and digital marketing is developing relevant content. We brainstorm content ideas with our clients, create a content calendar, interview or research to develop the content and promote the content online.

Brand Strategy & Development

We’ve worked with our clients on new brand development, rebrands, and brand architecture projects. We have guided not only external branding engagements but also internal (employer) brand engagements as well. Our approach includes research, mood boarding, and the development of a brand system.

Campaign Strategy & Execution

Campaigns are a series of projects that need to come together for a specific outcome. Our clients hire us to develop a strategy for a one-time campaign and oversee the execution, including developing the creative, booking media, managing the campaign, and overall campaign measurement.


Frequently Asked Questions


We would develop a site map, wireframes, a design mock-up of all the page blocks, and then building out the site on a staging site. When we work on websites, we are working from templates rather than design from scratch.

We can manage a custom website design project, but we would work with partners to do the web design work. We can help you find a partner if you want to build a completely custom website.

No. In our minds, setting up email is more of an IT project rather than part of web design project. We’re happy to work with your IT provider to make sure that any hosting decisions we make do not conflict with your email.

Here is where brand guidelines and style guides become really important. Suppose you don’t have either before we start writing any content for you. In that case, it’s essential to develop at least a bare-bones guide that outlines an understanding of your organization’s personality, the tone that is appropriate and what is not suitable for your brand is a part of this document.

We can manage other project-based work and work with partners to get the job done. For example, we don’t do search engine optimization or don’t do social media posting, but we’re happy to explore working with partners to do this kind of work. We think it’s essential to be transparent about what we’re good at and when we need to rely on external partners.

We would ask for a kick-off meeting we would get specifics on the project. We will then develop a Project Brief, which would be a centralized document for anyone working on the project both on the client-side and on our side. After the project site brief is signed off, we can provide a quote.

You don’t pay us for hosting. You pay for your hosting, and we help you set it up. The reason for this is we never want you to have to be tied to us long-term. You should never be handcuffed to any individual or firm. We will recommend a hosting package optimized for WordPress for both speed, development, security, and ease of use. You keep the keys.

Many of the designers that we work with are happy to share their working files, especially if they are working files for any stationery such as business cards. In some cases, some of the designers we work with charge a different rate if they are up to provide the working files. Whenever we set up a new designer relationship, this is one of the questions that we ask. I will be sure to give you the heads up if working files cost extra.

What Does it Cost?

Together, we decide on the project and its scope, then we will provide an estimate, and you approve the estimate. That approved estimate becomes the budget.

Our estimates are pretty close. They’re based on the market (what is fair) and from past experience.

If we are going to go over budget, we’ll let you know. Going over is a rare occurrence.
In the end, you pay for the actual time we spent.

If we overestimated and come under budget, you pay for the time we spent.

Rush projects are charged at a different hourly rate. We’re happy to try to accommodate as long as it’s not the norm.

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