Marketing plans are developed to include four key components: Market Research, Brand Strategy, Recommendations, and Marketing Budget and outline marketing activities for 12 – 18 months. Clients get their plans completed in one of two ways.

Traditional Marketing Plan

The traditional approach of hiring a marketing expert to develop your marketing plan. We do all of the research, strategy and present the solution. The client is part of the process but not driving the development of the plan. We are.

DIY Marketing Plan

Instead of hiring us to do their plan, our client develops their own marketing plan with our coaching and guidance. Ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and in-house marketing teams. The client does the work. We coach them through it.


Frequently Asked Questions


Choose a marketer that has a mid-to-senior level of experience to do this work. You need a certain level of business acumen gathered by working in and with businesses to deliver a good plan. This way, the marketing plan is much more likely to align with your business plan and your vision.

We priced our plans starting at $10,000 mainly because that’s the minimum amount of effort and time it takes to do good research and to pay good people who will “get you” and your business.

Do not cheap out on market research! Marketing plans based on good ideas are just that. Ideas. Not real. Plans need to be based on factual information and be client-centric. Marketing should be based on what your customers want to see and experience, not what you or some green marketer wants to see.

We realize that hiring us to do marketing plan is expensive for small businesses. You can get a plan done for less that $2,000 with the DIY option.

Start with your business plan. Your business plan should have a marketing plan to support it. Every serious business has a business plan of some sort. If you don’t have a business plan, get serious, then start there. But if you do, then it’s time to develop a marketing plan to support that plan that already exists.

That’s entirely normal for any organization or business owner that’s entrepreneurial. There’s a whole bunch of shiny objects that are going to come your way or really good ideas that will come across your desk. It takes discipline to stick to your marketing plan. Opportunities will come and go – what you want to do is develop the discipline with the ideas and plan you have already. New stuff can get added to next year’s plan.

The reason why your content is a bit fuzzy is that you’re fuzzy on what’s important to your customer. Now don’t be offended! Sometimes it’s a “forest-from-the-trees-kind-of-thing.” That’s why we always insist on regularly doing customer interviews even if you have a solid marking plan, and you feel like you have a good sense of what your customers want. Double-check what’s essential to your customers and talk about those things. Get rid of everything else.

What Does it Cost?

Outsourced Marketing Plan

A traditional marketing plan where our client outsources the entire planning process to us starts at $10,000. The scope of the market research influences the cost of the marketing plan the most.

Do-it-Yourself Marketing Plan

A do-it-yourself marketing plan costs considerably less than if we were researching and producing a marketing plan for you. DIY marketing plans start at $2,000.

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