This is for organizations that need to resource their marketing program on an ongoing basis. An ongoing management program with Beks has many benefits in that it frees our clients from all the marketing specifics so they can focus on other aspects of the business.

Strategic Support

As their marketing department, we put in the time to learn as much as we can about their industry and business so we can support strategically.


As an ongoing client, their work is prioritized over other casual projects and we renegotiate priorities to support unexpected projects. We waive the premium that we charge for rush work as long as it’s the exception and not the norm.

Regular Meetings and Reporting

We schedule regular meeting times to go over strategy, to report on progress, and to provide any other support our client may need.


Frequently Asked Questions


The number of hours is based on a $100 /hr rate. A $2000/month management retainer would provide 20 hours a month of strategy and management time. If we don’t use up the 20 hours, you will still pay the minimum retainer.

It’s imperative to understand what your retainer does not include. Your retainer does not include any execution, writing, design, web development or any third-party costs. Your retainer only includes marketing strategy and marketing management on an ongoing basis at a $100 / hour rate.

Every ongoing marketing management client monthly bill includes the retainer, management overages if applicable, creative hours (e.g. writing and design,) and any third-party costs such as photography, templates, etc.

When we start working together, we try to set a retainer based on your marketing plan and expected work volume. For whatever reason, if we notice that we have not used the minimum number of hours for the last three months, we can set up a different arrangement.

The ideal scenario is that we are always working from a documented marketing plan. For whatever reason, if we decide to move ahead together without a marketing plan or strategy, we would look to you, the client, to provide direction and be responsible for the overall strategy. Regardless, we would outline activities for at least six months to resource appropriately under a management arrangement.

Our team needs a high degree of creative control and within your brand guidelines to be an effective solution. You, our client, will always see drafts and sign off on all creative.

When you are hiring an outsourced marketing resource, it’s best to be prepared to let go of some creative control and trust those you’ve engaged for design and writing.

You can downgrade, but if you require less than 20 hours a month in management and strategy, it’s best to move to a project-based relationship with Beks Marketing.

We don’t lock you into a contract. If it’s not working out, we will finish out the current month and send you a final invoice for unpaid work. To eliminate the possibility of this, consider hiring us on a project-basis first.

One of the things that makes us a great marketing management solution is that we are quite good at everything marketing related. Anything that we are not an expert at, we will rely on outside partners and freelancers. Based on what the budget allows, we will hire the best person for any specialized work.

It is typical for us to work with web design companies, SEO specialists, and digital advertising companies. Often our clients will have an existing relationship that they want us to collaborate with and manage. We’re happy to do this.

What Does it Cost?

A managed marketing program starts at $2000 per month.

This is based loosely on the number of hours we need to be a strategic partner. This cost includes things like learning our clients’ industry, managing their projects, meetings, and providing strategic thinking and direction for their marketing program.

Management clients are on our priority roster. That means we’re an email, call, or text away in case something comes up.

If you require more support, we can up the number of hours. In rare circumstances, we go the other way and reduce the number of hours we give to a client thereby making exceptions to the $2000 per month minimum. In our experience, if $2000/m is too expensive, we will recommend the client engage us on project-based work.

Monthly budgets are based on how much activity we expect every month based on your marketing plan. We provide full marketing support, but it doesn’t include any creative work such as writing, designing, or programming.

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