For Those That Like to Roll Up Their Sleeves

Drawing on over 15 years of marketing research and planning experience, Beks Marketing has developed an effective and affordable planning system for small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop their own marketing plans. This system uses the same templates and tools that sophisticated marketing strategists use every day. Beks coaches you through the process of applying the templates to your business and reviews all of your work so you can feel confident that you are getting it all right. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and develop your own marketing plan with support, guidance, and coaching along the way, this is perfect for you.

What you Get


One-on-one expert guidance! Meet once a week online for a coaching and review session (6 - 8 weeks).


We send you the same templates that we use to develop marketing plans for our clients and teach you how to use them.


In each coaching session, we review the work completed then provide feedback to help you further refine and finalize each section of your plan.


Get the inspiration and motivation from us to stay engaged and complete your marketing plan.

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The most frequently asked questions.

The differences come down to two things.

The first is the quality of marketing research – an agency has a better chance of getting honest feedback as a third-party. When you conduct your own research personally, you have to be very careful not to bias the results.

The second is cost. An agency will charge you $10K – $30K to complete a marketing plan for you.

Other than that, we’re giving you all the tools and all the guidance to get a quality marketing plan completed.

The program is charged by the number of coaching sessions you require. The minimum is six sessions to complete the five modules. After the six sessions, you can purchase more.

We have access to Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, and Join.Me. Join.Me takes a bit more time to set up but is free (we pay for it), and you can have the option to record sessions to review later on.

Life happens for sure, but we realize that part of your reason for subscribing to this program is the accountability to focus on your own business. We try to strike a balance, being flexible when things come up but also to be tough when you need it. We have a policy of no refunds (after the first session), so if you decide not to finish, its a sunk cost to you until you choose to re-engage us.

We can provide extra help in the following ways:

  • More coaching sessions
  • Having us help with customer interviews
  • Having us design and layout a final good-looking marketing document

If there is something else you think you might need help with, just ask.

At a minimum, it takes about 6-weeks to complete your plan. In our experience, anything more accelerated doesn’t work (unless you give up your day job for a little while). The average is 8-weeks.

We guess you could subscribe to the program and forgo your coaching sessions, but we think that would be a waste of money. You can find marketing tools and templates all over the web, many for free. The value of our program comes from instructing and brainstorming on how the tools are applied.

Beks (Jason Bekdashe) has experience in marketing research, marketing management, and marketing planning. It’s like everything – the more you do it, the better you get at it. We’ve had the chance to work with large brands and small spanning over 18 years. We’re happy to answer more questions about our experience. Just contact us.

Ready to get your hands dirty?

Doing your own marketing plan is a great learning experience that you will apply to your current business or any business you start in the future.

Let’s figure out if this is for you.

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