Mini-Case Studies

Capital Engineering

In 2011, Capital Engineering asked our team for help at an exciting time in their business’ growth. We supported Capital by developing several internal brand and marketing materials and signage, in addition to redesigning their website. Together, we helped to coin their tagline, “our ingenuity moves us forward.”

Projects Completed


First Renewable Energy Partners

In 2018, we worked with First Renewable Energy Partners, an organization focused on working with First Nation groups to develop renewable energy projects. Throughout this project, we worked to create a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy, including the creation of their brand identity, website and marketing collateral.

Projects Completed


Cerilon Group

In 2017, the Cerilon Group hired the Beks Marketing team to bring continuity to their online presence. The majority of our work focused on developing a branding system that would allow the Cerilon group to quickly spin off new companies as partnerships and opportunities arose. Our work included developing templated website design frameworks to bring a sense of continuity and collaboration to the brands under the Cerilon Group parent brand.

Projects Completed


We worked with Blaire McCalla Consulting on a new website for asset management and inspection company Caneil. Our work with Blaire McCalla Consulting and Caneil includes refining their service lines to find more concise ways to explain their service offerings.


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