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Kananaskis Nordic Spa generates over $1M in revenue within the first year of launching

And they haven't slowed down since, and have since become a multi-million dollar business that sees thousands of visitors to the spa every year

The Challenge:

When I first met with the Spa Director of Kananaskis Nordic Spa in 2017, one thing quickly became clear. She had a very strong vision in her mind for the launch of Alberta’s first Nordic spa, but wasn’t entirely sure how to manage all of the moving parts that would be required to market and promote the new offering; and finding and hiring the right marketing team to accomplish the job seemed to be a big task that would require an even bigger budget.

At the same time, she knew that trying to hire for every marketing, design, and PR role internally would mean a huge time commitment, not to mention difficult given the nuances of the business.

The Spa Director also found after working with a number of other external agencies, they were missing some of the pieces needed to make the spa launch a complete success.

She needed to find a team that would have the right experience, understand the space, but also have the right working chemistry. She didn’t feel as though the previous marketing agencies really understood the unique experience she was trying to create, and she wanted a team that she could trust, and would “get it”.

Enter Beks Marketing.

The Solution:

The first step for us was finding the right people for the job. We were able to leverage our network of experienced independent creatives and put together the best team to support the Spa Director, and bring that Nordic spa vision she had imagined to life. 

By seeking out those with the relevant industry and branding experience, our team at Beks Marketing [in collaboration with Paper Road Communications and Anh Au Design] were able to draw from our collective experience and knowledge about the industry to create a successful marketing and PR program that would put Kananaskis Nordic Spa on the map as Alberta’s very first Nordic Spa

Once we had the perfect team put together, we were able to jump right in and quickly get to work by creating a comprehensive launch strategy that would include ongoing marketing, promotions, and a PR solution. This strategy was developed to market the Nordic spa experience in a way that was true to the Spa Director’s vision, and would also draw the attention and interest of both visitors and locals alike. 

The deliverables included:

  • Branded stationery
  • Website design, development and maintenance
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • On-site signage
  • Design and development of all print marketing collateral
  • Supporting local partnerships with materials
  • Photography and videography
  • Guest relations software for booking, lineups, and customer interactions 
  • Retail support (labels, tags, etc.)
  • Guest promotions 
  • Ongoing influencer relations
  • Private media launch to key media contacts
  • Advertising in local media outlets (online and in print)
  • Internal training and onboarding support
The property required a lot of graphic design, marketing, writing, and engagement with media and guests, which made the ongoing management of the marketing program crucial to its success.

As we already had an established foundation of highly-effective workflows and systems in place, we were able to continue the marketing program with ease.

These systems allow us to get work in and out faster, while still maintaining a high quality end product. Our streamlined process for approvals, along with a team communications framework that is simple and straightforward, keeps our team nimble and responsive to meeting the needs of a highly-digital audience.

The best part though, is how these systems work In tandem with our unique approach to working with our clients – because we aren’t your typical run of the mill marketing agency.

We check our egos at the door. We listen. We focus on three things: the client, the business, and making great things together. And with Kananaskis Nordic Spa, as it does with all our clients, it was like we had become a part of their team – and that is what makes us different.

The Results:

The launch of Kananaskis Nordic Spa was a great success, bringing in 175 customers per day in those first 18 months. In those same 18 months, our marketing team also grew their Instagram following from 0 to over 18,300 followers, and also earned media spots in nearly a dozen publications, some of which include the Globe and Mail, Canadian Geographic, Travel Alberta, and Western Living.

Additionally, another key outcome from this particular experience was that it helped us create what is now a very robust spa and wellness marketing framework that works, and it works well.

By using the tested and proven marketing methods and systems that we’ve created, we have since then been able to help other entrepreneurs find success and capitalize on the health and wellness trend – even those with little experience in that industry.

And as a result of working with a team that has relevant industry knowledge, and by collaborating with the Spa Director’s expertise, we were able to reduce the risk of venturing into uncharted territory, and also ensure that the job was done right – the first time around.

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