Azuridge Estate Hotel

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Priddis, Alberta


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Energy for those who seek it


Azuridge Estate Hotel is a property 20 minutes from Calgary’s southside, nestled in the peaceful hills of Priddis. There is something special about the land – perhaps energetic about it, with a view of the Rocky Mountain landscape. Our client has an outlook on wellness that is just becoming more mainstream. Her perspectives are very much rooted (ha!) in charka energy and leveraging the energetic exchange of crystals. The hotel and the new spa will leverage these principles in the space and be optional additions to traditional treatments. This unique spa concept will open in 2020.

The hotel and spa have the ambitious mission to become one of the few transformative centers in the world. The new spa branding, marketing and public relations would be focused on launching the new spa but bring everything into harmony with the vision. The philosophy presents challenges. Crystals and vibrational energy are not for everyone. How do you get the right message in front of the right people?

From Kananaskis to Priddis
Paper Road Communications and Beks Marketing teamed up on the Kananaskis Nordic Spa project for its launch, and we guided the marketing and PR efforts for the first two years of operation. The spa director of KNS referred our team to the Azuridge. We were hired to develop a short-term marketing and PR strategy, develop a brand system, and execute the marketing and PR activities for the first year. Paper Road and Beks also hired Anh Au Design to do all the graphic design work and identity development.
Marketing, Branding and Public Relations

We developed a brand strategy taking into account the brand architecture of the hotel and the personal brand of the spa director, who has a television show on a local television network.

You can always tell if you’re on the right track when your client starts using the words that you use to describe the brand. The language that we used to position the brand became the standard terminology in every meeting. The story is not quite finished. As the spa was preparing to launch and at the time of this writing, COVID-19 is a global pandemic. A brand is so much more than the colours, logo, or message. During the health emergency, the hotel and spa would have a chance to deliver on their mission – helping people not only cope but thrive during a historically challenging time. Keep a close eye on the Azuridge and its spa brand, Flourish.

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