About Us

Should it Really Be About Us?

Here’s the part where we talk about ourselves, right? When it comes down to it, it’s not about us; it’s about you. Instead, let’s talk about the lessons we’ve learned working with our clients over the years.

What We Know

“We’ve learned that people in our profession are generally poor at listening, have an over-inflated sense of self and are the ones to blame for the lack of good execution. We know because we’ve been there.”

  • An authentic story is the most effective approach to content. Humans gravitate toward storytelling.
  • Money is part of the equation, but never the result. It’s not always about ROI and margin on our contract.
  • When there is less of us, there is more good work. Too many of us (marketing professionals) have an ego and agenda that gets in the way.
  • Rush work is detrimental to doing good work. There’s not enough time to hear and see what is really needed or what is really going on.
  • Chemistry is of utmost importance. Choose a marketing partner that gets you so they can adequately steward your brand.

How We Work

We strive to look and listen. Being good at what you do is more about wisdom and less about knowledge and expertise. Sure, we know a lot, and we’ve done a lot. But we don’t know everything.

We realize that we are a tiny sliver of your day and a fraction of your business. We have to do the best we can with that portion you give us.

What About You?

We work with organizations, clients, entrepreneurs that are passionate about what they do. They are positive and optimistic. They are authentic because they live and work by the values they profess.

Learn more about our favourite clients and why we cherish them.

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Jason, your writing is excellent. Thank you for capturing our business model so well in this document"
"When I look back on the year, I can easily say getting a chance to work together is the best thing that's happened."
"You have taken my inspiration and made it something incredible. I am honoured to have you both support this project"


What to expect from working with Beks

What influences us?

People influence us in the graphic design industry, the advertising industry, and the marketing strategy industry, who think about things differently.

Terry O'Reilly

Canadian advertising great, storyteller, and guide who help us understand why marketing works when it works.

Tibor Kalman

A fantastic example of living with paradox (client service vs. rebellion and social responsibility vs. consumerism).


Donald Miller is the developer of a system that should arguably direct brand and content development.

Beks Marketing

Freelance marketing management and planning.